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A brief history of LASSCI

The communities of Sarov, Russia and Los Alamos, NM USA have had a Sister Cities relationship since the early 90’s which has resulted in exchange visits between citizens of Sarov and Los Alamos in the fields of medicine, education, local government, in addition to the many scientific visits between our laboratories through the years. There has been a medical partnership from 1999 to 2004 in areas of asthma, hypertension, and diabetes control, as well as adolescent risk behaviors. One of the most successful of these programs has been the cooperation between dentists in advancing programs of preventive dentistry.

Organization: The Los Alamos Sarov Sister Cities Initiative (LASSCI) is an organization being created to design, implement, and manage programs that will be of mutual benefit to Sarov and Los Alamos. These programs are intended
  • to share expertise and experience of individuals in our communities,
  • to create opportunities for citizens of each community to learn more about the other’s culture and community, and
  • to coordinate our efforts with and organization that is concurrently being organized called the Communities for International Development. This consists of five partnership cities: Sarov/Los Alamos, Zhelezneogorsk/Blount county, Tennessee, Kurgan Shchushye/Fox Cities, Dubna/LaCrosse, and Snezhinsk/Livermore.
LASSCI is a 501(c)3 organization. Donations are tax deductible.

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LASSCI's all-volunteer Board is chaired by Lawry Mann. Others on the board include Paul White, Sig Hecker, Nina Hecker, Fran Berting, Kevin Holsapple, Kris Raber, Cass Mason, Roger Waterman, Lynn Zollinger, and Robert Thomsen. These members represent areas of laboratory/scientific, community, county government, community business, education, and medicine. At our request Sarov has set a similar group consisting of eight members led by Assistant City Administrator Sergey Ratkevich.

We would love to get more people involved and there are many opportunities connected with hosting visitors from Sarov, organizing visits to Sarov, fundraising, and other organizational activities. Please write us and tell us about your interests!

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